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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find most of my received questions, they may help you out but you are always encouraged to ask for yourself!
Can I have a church wedding even though I am not apart of a church?
Yes you can.  It is a simple matter of finding the church you wish to be married at.  Then asking permission from the pastor of the church if you may please bring your own minister to officiate at his location.
What do I have to do to have you marry us?
First you must go to your local court house and request 2 copies of a marriage license.  One is for yourself and your records.  The other goes to the courthouse to be filed.  Secondly, book me for your ceremony. We will then sit together, have counsel and finalize any wishes you desire to have during your nuptials.
How much?
This varies from situation to situation.  There is a flat fee that is automatic for marriages that goes to filing your license and so forth.  That fee is $175.  If there are travel fees, tithe etc those will be discussed prior to booking.